PerformaSleep Reviews 4.9/5 (112 Reviews)

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    This bed is awesome! As it is our first memory foam mattress it is taking some getting used to but without sacrificing a good nights sleep. I can actually feel the tension in my back loosening more every night. The full support without the pressure points is great for any sleeping position which for me is good as I tend to maneuver a bit at night and for the first time I can remember I’m able to fall asleep on my back. My wife and I can’t believe how cool it stays throughout the night. This was one of the best purchases I’ve made in years and we’ve already recommended to anyone willing to listen and are planning to put another PerformaSleep mattress in our spare room.

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    I have never been easy to sleep and a very restless sleeper. Even when I do get to sleep one of my three little kiddos messes up the plan by crawling into my bed! Waking up has also never been much fun because of the intense training associated with competitive CrossFit and Weightlifting. Since switching to a Performa Sleep mattress I toss less, don’t feel the kiddos creep into my bed, and wake up feeling good as new. My two AM wake up has also vanished! Some fancy folks, like my Doc and Jock co-host Danny Matta, use an overhead squat to test their morning mobility. My morning test is simply putting my socks on without turning myself into a pretzel! If you know, you know! Performa Sleep’s mattress is the best I’ve used and would recommend it to any and everyone looking to improve their nights sleep.

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    My wife and I are both CrossFitters and crave a good mattress but didn’t want to spend a high price for a high quality mattress. I found PerformaSleep at the Wodapalooza in Miami and immediately was drawn to it. We purchases a queen mattress from them a few days after and it arrived in a box a few days after that. The customer service was 110% and the mattress is 110%. We shouldn’t be this happy over a mattress but its the best sleep we have gotten in a long time and look forward to it every night. I guess the only bad thing is I sleep so well I really don’t want to get out of it, but then that’s a good thing too!

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    On Oct. 22, 2015 I got injured at work. I broke 3 ribs, fractured vertebrae, lacerated my spleen, among other things. With my injuries, I was not able to sleep on my left side at all. I woke every single morning with a backache, not just from my injuries, but from a terrible pillow top mattress. Long after my injuries were healed, and I could sleep on either side, my back would hurt all night and I would flip all night trying to get some rest. I finally told my wife we had to do something. I did a lot of research and found PerformaSleep to be less than half the price of other foam mattresses, and about the same price as a pillow top. Combined with the money back guaranty, I had to try them. From the very 1st night I noticed a BIG difference in my sleep, and lack of a backaches!! I wish I would have found them a long time ago, I could have been spared a lot of pain, and got a lot more sleep!! I highly recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone, and no, I am not getting paid to say this, but when something works, I like to tell folks about it.

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    The three main training factors that effect testosterone production are sleep, exercise and nutrition. Most of my athletes are dialed in on exercise and nutrition but are severely lacking in sleep quality. High quality sleep is the most anabolic thing you can do for you body. It’s simple, get more high quality sleep and produce more testosterone. More testosterone means you recover better, feel better and continue to train the way you want to. The PerformaSleep mattress is an investment I recommend all my athletes make.

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    My husband and I are both highly impressed. He normally doesn’t even like softer mattresses and we both slept amazing on this one. It felt very supportive of my lower back and almost like I was melting into it.